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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  February 7, 2013 11:00am-1:00pm EST

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martha: quick show. a lot of breaking news. >> stick around. "happening now" starts right now. jenna: we start off with a fox news alert. a desperate manhunt underway in southern california. police searching for the suspect to shot three officers overnight. killing one of them. the man they're looking for, christopher jord done dorner, a former l.a.p.d. officer himself. investigators have been looking for him last weekend. he is also accused of a killing a cal state fullerton bass ball -- basketball coach and her fiance. he is on the run. more from california minutes away. first breaking news. jon: the drone program no longer shrouded in seacrest system lawmakers get access to classified documents that provide cover for killing american terror sis specs overseas. florida senator, marco
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rubio called a key player moving forward with immigration reform in this country, why some say he is the politician who can get legislation passed. working at home on your blackberry. one cop who says his day never ends is suing for overtime pay. what his case could mean for our labor laws. it's up "happening now." jon: president obama's choice to lead the ci elt a preparing for questions on capitol hill. i'm jon scott. >> position for top spy. jon: yes. jenna: how would you like that on a business card, jon scott, top spy. jon: it would be great only if i could do the job. jenna: we'll see if john brennan gets approved. hi, everybody, i'm jenna lee. the cia nominee will have to appear before the senate intelligence committee in a few hours. as lawmakers on the panel are received classified
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information about how the obama administration is justifying drone strikes own american terrorists overseas. brennan helped manage the drone program. he is likely going to be challenged on it today. lawmakers also expected to ask him about waterboarding and for what he knew about some high-profile national security leaks. a lot of big topics. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live from capitol hill with more. within those hallways, mike, what are you hearing about? what will really be the focus of this hearing? >> reporter: jenna, i think you hit on a lot of the key topics. senator i don't know mccain is among those very interested in brennan's position on those enhanced interrogation techniques during the bush administration. brennan came out and said he was opposed to waterboarding. mccain wants to know if there is any evidence that brennan was opposed to waterboarding. brennan said he favored some aspects of the enhanced interrogation program. as for the drones we expect he will take some heat from the left. also some heat in terms of
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killing american citizens with the drone program. earlier a leading republican senator was asked about those who opposed bush war on terror but are okay with drones now. >> the political hypocrisy is stunning but we're in a time of great danger. the drone program, to kill high-level al qaeda operatives when we found them anywhere in the world serves our national security interests. >> reporter: we're about 3 1/2 hours from senators getting to ask those questions to john brennan. a fine line for him to walk, talking about things he did during the bush years and perhaps things that he has said since then and whether they contradict one another, jenna. jenna: we'll watch for that. as you mentioned some criticism from both the right and the left but there are those who really back john brennan. tell us their argument, why he's the man for the job. >> reporter: well he obviously worked a long time inside the cia he clearly enjoys the confidence of president obama, serving at
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his right hand if you will in terms of being his counterterrorism advisor, homeland security advisor. he has been with the president since the 2008 campaign and at the white house they're clearly emphasizing john brennan's resume'. >> the president believes that john bren that is uniquely qualified as a 25 year veteran of intelligence work. 25 year veteran of the cia, to lead that agency. and, as the president's top counterterrorism advisor these past four years, he has done extraordinary work in the effort to combat al qaeda. >> reporter: among the challenges for john brennan? if he comes out critical of the cia's actions during the bush years, he risks alienating those who worked so hard fighting terror all these years, the very people that he wishes to lead, jenna. jenna: big hearing today, mike. thank you very much, mike emanuel down on capitol hill today. jon: meantime outgoing defense secretary lee on panetta on capitol hill
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right now on the a hearing for the benghazi terror attack where he addressed the pentagon's response to the assault on our consulate on september 11th. four americans, including our ambassador to libya, died in that attack. this comes just a day after mr. panetta gave an emotionally charged parting speech to students at georgetown university where he blasted the massive defense cuts known as the sequester, set to go into effect just weeks from now. >> if sequester happens, let me tell you some of the results. we will furlough as many as 800,000 dod civilians around the country for up to 22 days. they could face a 20% cut in their salary. you don't think that will impact on our economy? you don't think that's going to impact on jobs? you don't think that's going to impact on our ability to recover from the recession? jon: mr. panetta also deliver ad stark warning about the scale and scope of cyber attacks on this country saying they could
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cripple the united states. >> we are literally the target of thousands of cyber attacks every day. every day. thousands of sigher about attacks that are striking at the private sector, strike at silicon valley, strike at other institutions within our society. strike at government. strike at the defense department and our intelligence agencies and cyber is now at a point where the technology is there to cripple a country. jenna: we're going to talk more about cybersecurity. also check in on what is going on with that benghazi hearing and panetta at this time that is happening down in d.c. meantime we'll switch out to the west coast now where there are brand new developments in the manhunt for a armed and dangerous suspect in southern california. los angeles police say he shot three officers overnight, killed one of them. he is also wanted for other
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murders. the suspect in a bizarre twist to this already bizarre story is also a former l.a.p.d. adam housley has the latest on the search live from riverside with more. adam? >> reporter: yeah, jenna this is the second crime scene here in riverside, california. i will step away to give you a live look. we're basically a block away from where two officers were ambushed. officers from the riverside police are out. they have guns in hand and fingering on the trigger at this intersection and for that matter all around this area. as we got off the freeway, the 91 freeway in inland empire in southern california, an hour east of los angeles you see unmarked police officers, officers in tactical gear, all around this area as the shooting again took place here early this morning. we'll start with the first crime scene which was in corona, california, about 15 miles to our south. late last night to early this morning, they haven't given us the exact time, it is believed, christopher dorner, the suspect ambushed
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two officers from l.a.p.d.. they were providing security for people who might be at threat for a shooting that happened in irvine. we'll get to that in a moment. those two officers were shot at. one was grazed and other was not injured. they returned fire. not long afterwards, one 30 in riverside, two officers at a stoplight, had nothing to do with a search, they were at a stoplight under normal patrol. they were ambushed and believed shot by dorner at close range. we know one of those officers was killed. the other one is in very critical condition in the hospital here in corona. last we heard he was still in surgery at this hour. we also have video from irvine sunday night. back to that part of the story. this all began really sunday evening in irvine when two people were found shot in a parking fwa lawn, a parking lot of a condo complex. one was the daughter of a captain, randy quan. he is a retired l.a.p.d. captain, who was involved in a review process several years ago that led to
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dorner's dismissal. on sunday evening his daughter and her fiance, she was a cal state fullerton assistant basketball coach, her fiance, a usc campus safety officer were found shot and killed in their car, a murder. that led to increased security for some people in the l.a.p.d. we also know that dorner has put up a manifesto that ram bells on about a number of things. it was posted online, also on facebook we're told. in part it says, quote, unfortunately i will not be alive to see my name cleared. that is what this is about, my name. a man is nothing without his name. again that's part of his manifesto. also, there are a couple other things to take into account here. this manhunt is entirely all across southern california, from the border to our south, several hours away, north of los angeles, all the way out to las vegas, all the police agencies are on tactical alert looking for this man. he is believed to be armed obviously dangerous and willing to kill whomever he crosses. as they do this they're having to investigate this case in a number of
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locations. a wall let has been found in san diego early this morning by a driver of a, near the airport, driving one of those vans that takes people to and from the airport. he found a wallet with christopher dorner's name and a badge. they have not said what the badge was involving whether l.a.p.d. or something else but that was found this morning in san diego. there are other reports out there, possibly a boat might have been hijacked late last night in san diego. as officers have to investigate these things, they also have to watch their back for the possibility they could be ambushed and give it back to you, jenna. we've been told all l.a.p.d. officers who are on motorcycles have been pulled for fear of ambush and l.a.p.d. ace headquarters is surrounded by police officers in tactical gear because some of the people in this manifesto listed as being possible victims include the police chief. he has been named in this manifesto that somebody christopher dorner could be going after. jenna: wow, adam on the breaking news as we get it. adam housley live from riverside, california. back to that as we get more
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info. jon: very tense times as you can tell. an explosion at a sandwich shop. a guy is seen running from the scene and an worker injured in the blast. we'll take you to the latest. some of you should be getting ready for extreme winter weather. make your preparations now. an extreme storm is coming. we'll have the latest from the fox extreme weather center coming up i upgraded to the new sprint direct connect. so i can get three times the coverage. [ manager 2 ] it's like working in a giant sandbox. with all these huge toys. and with the fastest push-to-talk... i can keep track of them all. [ male announcer ] upgrade to the new "done" with access to the fastest push-to-talk and three times the coverage. now when you buy one kyocera duraxt rugged phone for $69.99, you'll get four free. other offers available. visit a sprint store, or call 855-878-4biz.
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jenna: as we await what is expected to be a spirited hearing for the president's pick to head the cia lawmakers today are getting a look at the classified legal argument that justifies the targeting killing of u.s. citizens overseas. you might remember a memo was leaked earlier this week to "nbc news." those are the so-called white pages that were the catalyst for this broader conversation we've been having about drones. these secret documents we're talking about today released now to the intelligence committee are bigger than those white pages, more sought-after, if you will. congressman mike rogers is the chairman of that intelligence committee and
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he joins us now. congressman, have you gotten a look at these legal documents? >> i have. i read it this morning, jenna. jenna: anything you can tell us about them? i understand they're secret and classified but anything that stands out to you? >> you know, not really. it was, what i thought was a solid legal argument. you they the biggest thing here were they believe believe, that they should not have to show their everysight committee this particular document. that is what is stunning to me. i've gone through the legal document. we had the general memo back in june of last year. we've been asking for this legal argument for some time. got it this morning. i've read through it. i didn't see anything earth shattering in there. jenna: sure. >> again i may disagree with some of their smaller issues but the general conclusion i agree with them. enemy combatant is an enemy combatant overseas. doesn't matter what their citizenship is. jenna: now that you have seen it do you think the public should see it too? >> no.
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because some of the information even when they're citing legal, past legal cases, is very sensitive. so it would reveal sources and methods of collection. so that part is worthy of protection. but that's why you have a oversight committee. and that's why i think it is so important they don't play this game, take a peek at it, we'll take it back, this is very, very sensitive. we deal with far more sensitive information every single day on the committee. it is both our statutory and constitutional responsibility for oversight of these types of agencies and that part i just don't understand. again i happen to agree with their legal conclusion in the agreement. jenna: critics of the drone program, of the legal justification for taking out americans overseas, i want to be clear to our viewers, only three american families filed suits about this, we're talking about a small number but critics of this program say it is a really a slippery slope. their concern is not just about today but the future.
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how concerned are you that the legal justification for a drone program now may be misused somehow in the future by future administrations? >> well, i will tell you, they went to great lengths in this legal document to, and what was really looked like an affidavit to a court almost, the amount of information cited information, that was collected to allow you to come to the conclusion that this individual, a lackey, in this particular case was an enemy combatant -- awlaki. this has a long precedence. even in world war ii where you had u.s. citizens joining enemy forces and fighting in combat to the united states of america, and, what happened then is, the law decided that is not a defense. you can't say, well, i can't shoot at that particular unit even though they're shooting at me because there may be a u.s. citizen in it, that doesn't count. once you joined the forces engaged in belligerent
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activities in united states you lose that right to citizenship once you're overseas. jenna: you bring up world war ii. we officially declared war in world war ii. that is something critics go back to. that perhaps congress needs to declare war, if you will, war on terror, an official declaration to give further justification for these types of killings. do you think that is something congress should explore? >> well we did pass an expansion of the authority of the president to go after al qaeda and other things and as a result of that, by law, that is already in statute, the administration, george bush started it with an executive order that laid out what's called a finding about what we would do in going after al qaeda which had declared war on the united states and00 subsequent adjustments in the obama administration to do that. so again, i believe that the legal justification is there. congress did say we have this unique thing. this is not a nation-state but it is transnational,
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meaning it operates in several different states. jenna: i see. >> we did give the authority. we are targeting those who are enemy combatants of the united states who are attempting to kill --. jenna: that another extends, here we are a decade away from that let's say. you feel that extend forever? >> well, you have al qaeda just, you know, very recently trying to kill the u.s. citizens, including the most recent one in algeria when they took over the hostages. but in 2009 they tried to blow up an aircraft over the city of detroit when they were landing on christmas day, which was a very real, very serious event and but for a quarter of an inch, that device would have gone off, killing hundreds on the airplane and who knows how many hundreds on the ground. it was a very densely populated. so they are still under attack. we should be able to go after and get after those folks overseas so they don't get here. jenna: your point is well-taken. the beginning and end to the
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war on terror is challenging to say the least. i want to just quickly get your thoughts on this because we've talked a great deal in the past about your feelings about this administration leaking information to the press on highly classified, highly classified situations and serious operations like the bin laden raid. how concerned are you that a man you've often criticized being at the center of some of these leaks, john brennan, may be the nation's top spy? >> for the record, i never said that john brennan was the center of the leaks. i have said that the administration it concerns me, has had a series of leaks that are have been very, very damaging. so i think those, that's a line of questioning that mr. brennan should have to go through in the senate. and as i understand it, he will, because you can't have a foreign policy that is delivered by leak to the american press. it's dangerous. we know it has cost us sources. we know it cost us operations.
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we know it put in jeopardy, at least a part of the time members of our special forces units that may have been involved in those raids. we had to protect their families. so it is really, really important that they get the notion that yes, foreign policy is hard but you have to sell it in a way that does not disclose classified information. and that's been concerning it me. i hope that they have gotten that message. i think today we'll hear a lot about that when the senate does their questioning of mr. brennan. jenna: congressman, thank you very much for the time today. i know it is a busy one as always for you in capitol hill. we always appreciate you joining us, thank you. >> thanks, jenna. jon: fascinating topics on the front burner today. one lawmaker calls senator marco rubio of florida a lynchpin in getting immigration reform done. we're going to take a look why that may be the case coming up.
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jenna: now a fox news weather alert for you. right now blizzard watches are in effect in parts of the northeast and they will turn into blizzard warnings just a few hours from now causing some big problems for not just millions of americans along east coast but really for everybody across the country potentially. meteorologist janice dean has the latest from the extreme weather center. how fitting the title is today. >> no grocery store runs yet? video of grocery store getting the bread and the milk? i mean i joke. you know what? in boston, jenna we could actually top with this storm as the number one blockbuster storm boston has ever seen. it is in the realm of possibility. in 2003 they got 27.5 inches of snow. you know what? not a bad idea to go out and stock up because a lot of folks could be indoors for the weekend checking out.
11:26 am
this is what we're dealing with. we have a clipper system across the north. we have a very impressive system across the south. these two are going to merge together and bring us our possible blockbuster historic event for the northeast. let's look at timing here. this is 6:00 a.m. friday when people are trying to get to work. mainly a rain event for washington up towards philadelphia. new york you're going to get rain first. we think it will kind of mix into noon. that will be a slippery ride. north of new york city that's where we'll all be snow. good guidance for north of new york city, west of the city, anywhere from a foot, maybe two feet in some cases. some cases could see three feet of snow. so hartford, boston, mainly snow event by 5:00 p.m. we'll still see the mix. new york is really hard to forecast. i think the snow will come on the backside of the storm when it really starts to wind up overnight friday into saturday, okay? we'll be dealing with a very impressive storm system. not only impressive storm totals but wind gusts in excess of 70 miles an hour
11:27 am
which could bring snowdrifts up to four feet. so, jenna, a quick look at one of our computer models, looking like nine inches for new york. i think that might be a safe bet. look at that, if we go over 28 inches of boston, would make it the blockbuster storm for boston. something they have not seen before. back to you. jenna: grocery store sound like a good idea in those two minutes. might not be a bad idea to go. >> might be a good idea. jenna: jd, thank you. jon: buy stuff for me, would you, jenna? a lot of attention going to one senator leading the way on immigration reform. one of his colleagues calls florida senator marco rubio the lynchpin of an effort to get any legislation passed. rubio is one of a bipartisan group of senators proposing a plan would allow illegal immigrants to pursue citizenship. another member of that group, arizona senator jeff flake, said rubio is the key to getting the job done. angela mcglowan is fox news political analyst, very well
11:28 am
plugged in on capitol hill and knows a thing or two about this issue. is jeff flake right? is marco rubio the lynchpin? >> jeff flake is right but jeff flake is also a key player in this. he is conservative member of congress just elected to the senate when jon kyl retired in arizona. jeff flake has an interesting story that he grew up around mexican migrant workers so he understands that plight. however marco rubio is a member of the hispanic conference which is republican hispanic members of congress but also the hispanic caucus. these are more liberal members of congress. the one thing they can agree on is immigration reform the but, jon, a house divided can not stand and the senate has been a little bit different from the house as we've seen. so these two members can bring both houses together. jon: there are a number of very conservative members of the house who don't like the fact that people who came to this country illegally, walked across the border, broke our laws, however they got her, overstayed their visas, this that they might
11:29 am
be granted citizenship. >> senator flake believes that, now he is totally against abortion, for sanctity of marriage. he is very conservative former like tea party. he believes if people have to pay back taxes, if they pay fines, if they have to learn how to speak english, if we bring these to the forefront you bring more of those conservative members on board. also rubio is going to give the response to the state of the union address in spanish. some people are against that. sometime it takes going across the aisle speaking a different language to bring people to our side. jon: the fact that rubio is chosen for that very high-profile response, that state of the union response. >> yes. jon: the fact that these eight senators from both parties are sort of, you know, at loggerheads with the president to some degree on immigration reform. that's kind of interesting. >> president obama would be smart to bring rubio in the fold and get something done. so you have to question why hasn't he reached across?
11:30 am
jon: this is president who wants to burnish his legacy. that is all he is running for now or all -- >> seems that way, jon. seems that way. i think choosing rubio to give the response at state of the union, remember bush got 45% of latino vote and we lost this election, we lost 7% of latinos in this election. i think this is great start. jon: angela mcglowan, fox news analyst. >> nation for having me. jenna: a police officer is suing for overtime pause of his blackberry, claiming he has been putting in a whole lot of overtime work dealing with all this work-related e-mailing and calling on his time off. does he have a case? do we all have a case? should we all be owd a little overtime? our legal panel weighs in next.
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jon: right now some crime stories we're keeping an eye on. jodi arias tell as jury about her volatile relationship with her ex-boyfriend the man she is accused brutally murdering you by stabbing him more than a dozen times. testimony wrapped up for the week but she is expected to take the stand on monday. an explosion at a sandwich shop in virginia. a man was spotted running away from the shop. police calling out helicopters to search for him. a judge in washington refuses to unseal transcripts from recent hearings in the chandra levy murder case the intern from
11:35 am
capitol hill vanished more than 10 years ago. her body was later found in a washington, d.c. park. jenna: the courts in illinois are hearing a case that could potentially affect your paycheck. a chicago police officer is suing for back pay, saying he put in a whole lot of time, overtime, in fact, where he wasn't actually paid for, including calls and e-mails on his department-issued blackberry. the plaintiff says he and other officers had to do a lot of extra work like, extra e-mails to get promotions and keep coveted assignments. police are not only ones that feel like they're working around the clock but does that mean workers should get paid for communicating 24 hours a day? our legal panel. john manual, easy enough for me to say, sorry about that, criminal defense attorney and tad nelson a former federal prosecutor. i have to admit something to you, a small confession because i was assigned this
11:36 am
story by our team because i happen to e-mail all hours of the night. jon: yes, you do. jenna: why did anyone read that e-mail. i sent it out at 5:00 in the morning. so big question in this case, is answering calls or e-mails on your off time extra work? tad what do you think? >> this case is ridiculous. this is outrageous. i mean obviously, we're in such a connected society these days. most of these things are keeping abreast of information. maybe the occasional response. here is the thing i really wish they would do when they turn around, let's turn around and subpoena all their private phones and dock them for all texts and personal calls made on our time. that would be fund, wouldn't it? jenna: that is interesting point, jon. you know at work, every once in a while you might call a relative. >> quid pro quo. jenna: what do you think about that? is that fair is fair? >> i think if you're spending time on your job doing something you otherwise wouldn't do and it is taking away from your
11:37 am
personal life, you should be compensated depending how much time you use. if it is small amount of time i understand there shouldn't be any compensation. with my employees i try to create an amicable and productive work environment. i always try to compensate for things they shouldn't be doing or time taken away from their lives. depends how much time is being allotted and there has to be time submission at the end. month or by weekly that gets reviewed. at that point in time it gets determined what if anytime gets compensated. jenna: tad, john sounds like a pretty good boss. i want to work for john. i respond to a lot of e-mails after-hours and don't necessarily think about it as extra work. it is sort of my job in this day and era which is not sometimes the favorite part of the job when it is saturday and trying to respond to work e-mails but it is part of the gig. so what do you think about it? is there quota? if it is an hour of e-mailing should you get compensated for that but one or two is not really part of it? >> it's kind of scary.
11:38 am
it is a slippery slope. you know if we do start how do we calculate? how much time do we have to spend to calculate? we're wasting more time. the reality of this in this situation they're just doing e-mails to keep abreast what is going on at the stations. the occasional text messages, i occasionally on the weekends may text my secretary, hey, where is the johnson file? i don't have a clue where it is? if she came back to me on monday, tad, that 15 seconds you used of mine on wednesday i need to be paid for that, she would be my exec terri. that is not right. i understand. i don't think it is that big of a problem. the officers are making a minor thing to get more money it is ridiculous. jenna: that is the big question question, john, for this case in general. the bigger point here if this officer ended up getting back pay, what do you think this means for other industries and other former employees that say, listen, we need to be compensated? what you do think, john?
11:39 am
>> jenna, like i said before, i have a law firm and i try to be fair with all my employees. in order to run a successful business whether a public servant or our own business is to have happy employees. if the person is spending a lot of time, not talking about small amount of time, five minutes or 10 minutes. you could do those kind of increements, add them up at end of the month and your employee will work harder for you that is what we want to encourage. jenna: there are e-mails that go around after-hours that are not urgent. they're just sort of keeping everybody up-to-date. >> right. jenna: so some things don't actually need a response but if you choose to respond, so then how do you figure that out as a boss? like if this person responded to an e-mail but it wasn't really urgent so i will not compensate them? how do you even decide that not only as an attorney but as a boss? >> first of all i'm a criminal defense attorney. all e-mails are emergencies. but you tell the employees simply you need to do that at that point in time. if not, you wait until the next morning. it is common sense, you don't want to take advantage
11:40 am
of the boss either and these are policies that the boss sets up. jenna: tad, what do you think? john seems nicer than you, tad i don't know. >> he probably is. jenna: i'm kidding. you both are very successful attorneys. >> john, stop it. >> final point, here's the other thing, jenna, to think about. let these police officers show me how many times somebody didn't respond or somebody waited until the morning. did they get in trouble for that? that is the point you're making. if there is no hurry to respond or no fire to put out and they don't respond and nothing happens, then don't respond. just don't complain about it. >> i agree with that. jenna: a lot of like nonurgent stuff. you start filling the e-mail with chatter. well, you know, again seems part of the day and age we're living in. i don't know if it is a good thing or bad thing but part of the reality. john, i'm sure you receive resume's over next several hours. tell us how that goes. >> you guys can work for me. jenna: say hello to your
11:41 am
secretary. she sounds like a blessing. see you guys soon. thank you so much. >> take care. jon: it was prayer and politics in the nation's capitol today. president obama making a moment during the national prayer breakfast to criticize the cable news networks for failing to cover the event in the past. we're live with more on that from washington. also a car left suspended over a stairwell after crashing into a children's clinic. incredible video from the seen. plus a look what led to this bizarre situation
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jenna: right now a 70-year-old man is back on solid ground after a crash that left him suspended in midair. this is the picture that kind of tells the story. his car hovering some 20 feet over a starewell. the front left wheel is resting on a ledge of a california children's clinic t took 40 minutes for rescue crews to pull the driver out through a passenger door. you can see they're trying to take the care out there.
11:45 am
witnesses say this all happened when he was trying to retrieve a ticket from a nearby toll booth. his car rolled backward in neutral. instead of hitting the brake he hit the gas. so we saw what happened. glad he's okay. glad no one else was injured in all of this. quite a picture. jon: yeah. well the president and first lady kicking off a day of pray and politics this importanting of the president obama addressing the crowd at the washington hilton for the official start of the national prayer breakfast. our religion correspondent lauren green live in our washington bureau. any big announcements this morning, lauren? >> reporter: jon, one surprise to many people, except the white house inner circle was the president's announcement his long time faith advisor would be leaving his post tomorrow. dubois is a young ministers whose face was not known to people outside of religious groups. he headed the president's faith based office. was buy by his side during the campaign and first term.
11:46 am
dubois is known as the president's personal faith advisor. >> every morning he sends me, via e-mail, a daily meditation, a snippet of scripture, for me to reflect on, and it is meant the world to me and despite my pleas, tomorrow will be his last day in the white house. >> reporter: the president made no mention why dubois is leaving. not uncommon in second term for staff to do so. my sources say the white house will announce tomorrow where dubois is headed, jon? jon: did the president touch on policy at all in this breakfast? >> reporter: the breakfast always try to maintain the spirit of faith and bipartisanship and avoid any rancor over policy issues which there are a lot of but the president did lament how that seems to end with the breakfast itself, poking a jab at 24 hour news networks. >> i do worry sometimes that, as soon as we leave the
11:47 am
prayer breakfast, everything we've been talking about the whole time at the prayer breakfast seems to be forgotten. on the same day of the prayer breakfast. i mean you would like to think that the shelf life wait a minute so short. [laughter] but i go back to the oval office and i start watching the cable news networks and it is like we didn't pray. >> reporter: of course he couldn't be talking about fox news channel. now to be fair to the president he did quote scripture a lot. he talked about how those who lead a nation have a greater obligation to be humble. jon? jon: i believe he said in the past he doesn't watch cable news. just, we ought to get our brain room to check that out. >> reporter: we should, yes. jon: lauren green in washington for us. thank you. >> reporter: thank you very much. jenna: researchers are predicting a major increase in the number of alzheimer's cases. we know how many american families are affected by this. we'll look at the number and what a spike could mean for
11:48 am
cost of health care coming up.
11:49 am
11:50 am
11:51 am
jenna: right now some brand new information in a cold case out of california. the nearly three decades old disappearance of a little boy. patti ann brown is live at the breaking news desk with more. >> jenna, it was almost 30 years ago when 10-year-old kevin collins disappeared after school. his case went cold. investigators now say they have new leads. he was a student at st. agnus in the haight-ashbury district of san francisco. at the time two witnesses reported seeing kevin on sonic avenue with a man sittings on a stoop with a large black dog. he was described as white, six feet tall with blond hair. investigators are focused on a man who died five years
11:52 am
ago. he was wayne jackson. he had five different identities and a criminal record. he was convicted of child molestation in 1981. that is three years before kevin's disappearance. police recently discovered he was accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting two 13-year-old boys in canada. he lived across the street from the school and he owned a large black dog. at time of course, police searched jackson's home but they didn't find anything. but last week investigators earned to that home where jackson used to live. cadaver dog a reacted to an area of the garage. that area was he can can straighted and bones were found. medical examiner says a preliminary assessment suggest that is the bones were from an animal. further tests are being conducted and the results are expected in a few weeks. jenna. jenna: we'll continue to watch those developments. patti ann, thank you. >> thank you. jon: a new study offers a startling prediction on the mental health of america's aging population.
11:53 am
it suggests the number of alzheimer's cases could triple in the next 40 years. researchers tie the expected spike to aging baby boomers and hope the projections will compel them to take early steps for prevention. dr. leigh vinocur, adjunct, assistant professor i should say at lsu health sciences center in shreveport, louisiana. doctor vinocur how do we take steps to prevent alzheimer's if we don't know what causes it? >> that is a very good question, jon. it just highlights the need for more research and how we really, it is a looming crisis with all the baby boomers. talking about over 13 million alzheimer's cases. they use so many health care resources. then there will be cuts in medicare and social security and it's a huge burden both financially on families and on the health care system. and right now we don't have any great leads on a cure for the exact causes of it
11:54 am
or even medicines. most of the medicines just relief the symptoms, nothing really prevents the disease. so it as a push for better research and it's an important time to be sure. jon: there are some things that you say patients should do to try to prevent the onset of the disease. for instance, i'm not particularly good with languages but i might want to start looking at learning a new language in my later years? >> that rosetta stone. they talk about absolutely, keeping your mind sharp as you age. so crossword puzzles and staying close to your community because people that are alone tend to have more dementia. not all dementia with age is specifically alzheimer's but these are things to keep your brain sharp. volunteer. be a help in a museum. keep yourself active. jon: people who want to retire at age 62, or 65 or 70, 72 they might want to think about holding onto the
11:55 am
jobs and just keeping their mind engaged? >> unless there is too much stress with the jobs. keeping your minds engaged. you don't have to have a job to keep it engaged. crossword puz else. read a lot. volunteer, those types of things. there are is a huge need for research into drugs. alzheimer's is caused because you get this protein buildup in the brain and it sort of tangles the nerves and the nerves don't transmit very well. so there is research out there looking at cutting inflammation, preventing the protein deposits in the first place. so i think, you know, it's important that we continue to fund this type of research and really look into it because it is going to be a huge problem in the next coming years, in the next century for sure. jon: the baby boomers, thought all along we were sort of immune to all of these problems that affected our parents but all of a sudden we are starting to retire, we boomers, and the world looks a little differently when all of a sudden the baby boomers are
11:56 am
part of the retirement population. >> right. i mean you can't prevent aging. unfortunately dementia and alzheimer's are the results of aging. so until we can stop it. jon: a tripling in the population of alzheimer's patients over the next 40 years. that is something to pay attention to. dr. leigh vinocur. thank you. >> my pleasure. jenna: the outgoing secretary of defense on the defensive today as leon panetta answers questions about the deadly benghazi terror attack and the pentagon's response. we're live with that story coming up. this breaking story we continue to follow, a manhunt for an accused cop killer. the suspect, a former police officer who reportedly is making threats against the l.a.p.d. no one knows where he is but lots of folks are looking for hill. we have the breaking developments next.
11:57 am
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jenna: nearly noon on the east coast and we begin with an extreme weather alert. a crippling winter storm heading right for the northeast. this blizzard could dump up to two feet of snow, maybe more, hit new england especially hard with boston right in the bull's-eye. new york city the snow could mix with rain so the amount of snow maybe lower but areas outside of new england could see up to a foot of snow. all of this has major affects around the country when it comes to travel as you know. watches are in effect but we could see some of the warnings a little bit later today. rick weymouth joins us in a few minutes with the very latest track of this winter storm. brand-new stories and breaking news this hour. jon: southern california on high alert, three people shot dead and an excop on the run. a massive manhunt underway. police call the suspect armed and dangerous. the latest on the search and the bizarre revenge killing. also more fallout from the white house policy allowing the killing of american terrorist suspects abroad.
12:01 pm
is the mainstream media covering the sorry the way it's covering president bush's policies on the war on terror? our panel weighs in. we showed it to you yesterday, a one of a kind baseball card bought as a yard sale. it hit the auction block yesterday, wait until you hear how much the owner got. it's all "happening now." secretary of defense leon panetta defending the military response to the deadly terror attack on our consulate in benghazi. welcome to a brand-new hour of "happening now." i'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenna leave. a very busy day. bottom line secretary panetta says there just wasn't enough time. mr. panetta on capitol hill along with general dempsey, joint chief of staff. there are live shots of the hearing on going. secretary panetta who is right next to him says the military pre pictures for all kinds of situations but there were no specific signs of an imminent
12:02 pm
aeu that being on the diplomatic mission in libya. he says there simply was not enough time to reach benghazi with enough fire power to prevent the murders of ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. >> the inner agency response was timely and appropriate, but there simply was not enough time, given the speed of the attacks for armed u.s. military assets to have made a difference. jenna: national skhaourt correspondent jennifer given is live at the pentagon watching the hearing as it happens. what is the tenure of the hearing this morning? >> reporter: i think what is most interesting, jenna is as soon as democrats take to the questioning they bring up a totally unrelated element, they start asking the secretary about sequestration, about budget cuts. when the republicans are at the helm you have senator lindsey graham right now who is questioning pa net that and general dempsey, the tenure is
12:03 pm
very different and there is very much the point being made by secretary panetta and dempsey is that f-16s wouldn't have worked that these were the wrong tools, that the military availability in the region, it would have taken airy fueling and that they just didn't have the assets to be able to respond in time. here is what secretary panetta just said. >> the united states military, as i've said, is not, and frankly should not be a 911 service capable of arriving on the scene within minutes to every possible contingency around the world. >> reporter: these answers were not satisfactory to many republicans. listen. >> you're responses general dempsey are very inadequate and in my opinion the same kind of inadequacy for the security that you provided at that consulate.
12:04 pm
thank you mr. chairman. >> reporter: the one thing secretary panetta says that they've done in the wake of benghazi is they are talking about sending a thousand marines overseas to serve as protectors of some of these more vulnerable cons let's an consulates and location. jenna: based on these hearings have you learned anything new today that you think our audience really needs to may attention to? >> reporter: jenna, i think there is one key moment at the end of when senator john mccain was questioning secretary panetta and general dempsey and it was a moment when he asked about, it could be lost, in terms of the overall coverage, but it's where he asked whether the two of them supported arming rebels in syria, and many of our viewers may wonder, what does this have to do with benghazi and libya? listen to senator john mccain and then i'll explain. >> did you support the
12:05 pm
recommendation by secretary of state, then secretary of state clinton, and then head of cia general petraeus that we provide weapons to the resistance in syria. >> we did. >> you did support that? >> we did. >> reporter: that's the first time that i've heard that the defense department and military officials say that they had recommended arming syrian rebels. you'll remember over the weekend that "the new york times" reported that last summer petraeus and clinton approached the white house for permission to arm the rebels. "the new york times" says that the white house rejected that request. however, there have been some implications from questions from senators on the hill as to whether in fact what was going on in benghazi was that there was some sort of operation to repackage arms, send them through turkey to syrian rebels. this is what was the basis of the question by senator rand
12:06 pm
paul to hillary clinton during the benghazi hearings last week. here is what they said. >> now my question is, is the u.s. involved with any procuring of weapons, transfer of weapons, buying, selling, anyhow transferring weapons to turkey out of libya? >> to turkey? i will have to take that question for the record. nobody has ever raised that with me. >> reporter: secretary clinton acted surprised when she was asked that question, but then as i mentioned, over the weekend "the new york times" reported that she and then head of the cia david petraeus had approached the white house last summer about providing arms to the syrian opposition, something that i think would be surprising to many americans. jenna: so that timeline is interesting because it's last summer, before the attack on the embassy, a lot of questions about what motivated this attack, that has been speculated all over the place. a question of something was
12:07 pm
going on inside of libya that would transfer weapons to turkey and turkey would somehow arm the rebels in syria, would that be the path that hypothetically it would follow that is under question? >> reporter: yes, and remember, jenna, the last person that ambassador chris stevens met with before he was killed at the consulate was the turkish consul general. many wondered why chris stevens felt the need to be in benghazi on september 11th. there's never been a good explanation of why he had to meet the tur turkish consul general. jenna: thank you for pointing that out. jon: let's talk about the political fallout from all this. bob cusack is managing editor of the hill. jenna said we're going to continue to explore this story, but bob, is congress -- is this kind of going to be the swan song for testimony on this matter? >> you know, john i think it
12:08 pm
is. hillary clinton did quite well in her testimony recently on benghazi because republicans basically fumbled, they didn't ask the right questions. hillary clinton said that she never saw the cable that came from chris stevens asking for more her, saying 1.4 million cables come to her. no republican ever said do you have a pryor tiization system where you look at the cables from hot spots? now the defense secretary and the general can say, well you know we didn't hear from the state department there is a lot of subject lee blaming the state department and even senator james inhofe the ranking republican on the committee says we have the wrong witnesses. i think this is the swan strong as far as the investigation of benghazi. >> how are they doing? we heard defense secretary panetta say essentially it was a bridge too far, there wasn't enough time to mount any kind of military response to these attacks. is that going to be the end of it?
12:09 pm
>> senator john mccain was sharply refuting that saying there were hours between the two deaths that, six or seven hours passed before two americans were killed. so there could have been time had there been more coordination between the defense department as well as the state department. so, you know, that's where mccain, and i'm sure graham are going to be hammering them. but it really falls on the state department and that's why hillary clinton said she was responsible, heree leon panetta has not said he's responsible. and as jennifer griffin was saying, democrats are talking about the pending budget cuts, they are not that you canning about benghazi there this hearing. jon: so now you've got a new secretary of state already in place, john kerry is there. you've got probably a new secretary of defense coming in, i just wonder if some of these questions are ever going to get answered or will there be the opportunity for testimony via document or something? >> you know i think with the new team coming in they'll say, listen that was hillary clinton's reign, they are going
12:10 pm
to try to look forward. i just don't think there is going to be a lot more oversight of this. i don't see it even on the house side where republicans control the lower chamber that there are no scheduled hearings continuing on this. certainly hillary clinton is done testifying, she is out of the state department, and john kerry is not -- he doesn't want to testify on this. jon: that seems to be pretty clear. all right, bob cusack from the hill. it's going to be interesting to see what else develops today. there have been nuggets of new information as our jennifer given said suggesting about arms transfers into turkey that kind of thing, but whether those questions will get answers we donne don't know. thank you. jenna: a massive manhunt is currently happening right now. i shouldn't say -- i should say it's in progress. here are the live pictures from southern california. a former police officer is suspected of going on a killing spree. we have the latest on that search as we get new details on the suspect's bizarre manifesto that he posted, and where police found his badge.
12:11 pm
that is a clue to where he is now, somewhere in the south part of california? also tense of millions of americans are bracing for a massive winter storm. chief meteorologist rick weymouth is in the fox extreme weather center with more on all of this. >> jenna it has been almost two years since we've had a real significant storm across the northeast. that is all about to change. these two storms about to become one big monster storm. i'll let you know who will get the worst of this coming newspaper just a couple of minutes. ong ♪ ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. hi, i'm ensure clear... clear, huh? i'm not juice or fancy water. i've gotine grams of protein. that's three times more than me! [ female announcer ] ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach.
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call... to switch, and you could save hundreds. ♪ born to make mistakes liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? jenna: annex treatment weather alert now on what some are calling a blockbuster blizzard heading for the northeast. the winter storm is expected to slam new jersey, new york, new england, connecticut, coastal maine and all those major airports in between getting hit up to 2 feet of snow predicted in the greater boston region. there are blizzard watches in effect right now. people in new england are already preparing for the worst. >> we are looking to buy a snow
12:15 pm
blower one that will blow two feet of snow. i don't believe it will be two feet. i think it will be less than that. >> we want to stock up and get extra splice and everything. other than that we have our generator left from the last two scarce, so we should be good there in case the power goes out. jenna: chief meteorologist rick weymouth with us now. some doubters there, rick, some doubts. >> reporter: i don't believe it will be two feet. jenna: what do you think. >> reporter: i don't tphol exactly wherdon't exactly know where she lives. but i guarantee there will be two feet in some spots. if you need a generator, this is another example of why you need them and it's hard to get out and get them late in the game. a lot of people will need the general raeupter generators because of the power outages. this is the moisture and that is the cold air. two storms will come together and it's going to be happening starting overnight tonight. the bulk of it will be tomorrow evening into saturday morning.
12:16 pm
we have blizzard watches posted here, the eastern end of long island, as well as parts of connecticut, all of rhode island and parts of eastern coastal massachusetts. that's where we'll see the strongest of the winds along with the snow. we have winter storm watches everywhere else across aeufr aeu across the area. let me break this down timing wise. you've been hearing forecasts for new york city from 3 to 30 inches. we definitely have the precipitation that is going to be getting here. right where you see that pink and that temperature by tomorrow afternoon of 37 degrees that is likely going to be rain. this is right on that line. if a little more cold air gets in here we'll be looking at cold snow. i think you'll see rain and that mix through much of the day. tomorrow evening we start to see the colder air go there. boston, you're snow the entire time and that's why the bulls i've the heaviest snow will be there. during the overnight hours tomorrow night it turns into snow across new york city and by boston still snowing very
12:17 pm
heavy. getting much, much windier and still seeing the snow by saturday morning. by the time we are all said and done with this there are going to be some -- a bull's-eye of some two feet-plus snow likely in parts of new hampshire, across areas in the worchester hills. new york city right on the line, maybe 6 to 12 inches, that 12 probably high. if the cold air gets here early enough we'll see certainly that much, jenna. jenna: the doubters are ware. >> they are going to get it. somebody is going to get 3 feet to be honest with you with this storm. jenna: we'll take you seriously from now on. we always have, we always do. rick, thank you. jon: the ski resorts up in the northeast -- jenna: it will be good for them. they've had a couple of rough seasons. jon: nothing like a powder day what federal officials are saying about the batteries at the boein center of the boeing
12:18 pm
investigation. bayh, bayh blue angels, what could eliminate the elite squadron and what is already having an impact on america's tkefpbls. >> this will badly damage our national defense and to be able to respond to crises in a dangerous world. my insurance rates e probably gonna double.
12:19 pm
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just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands?
12:21 pm
yet -rblgs but right now some looming automatic budget cuts are set to kick in three weeks from tomorrow already having an impact on the nation's defense. we have it coming up on march 1st but adjustments need to be made before then to fit what we expect to see on march 1st which is the sequestration happen official leave. the pentagon is reducing from 2 to 1 the number of aircraft carriers in the hottest part of the world, really, the top
12:22 pm
global hot spot, the persian gulf. the world's most strategic shipping lane for oil and of course close to people that we like to keep an eye on. navy brass are also set to ground the blue angels the elite flight squad, a popular mainstay that has entertained americans of all ages, a key recruitment tool for the navy. has it really all come to this? is this the reality that we are facing. departing defense secretary leon panetta sounding the alarm on these cuts in a speech at georgetown university yesterday. >> make no mistakes, if these cuts happen there will be ha serious disruption in defense programs and a sharp decline in our military readiness. we have already begun an all out effort to plan for how to operate under such a scenario. but it's also very clear that there are no good options. jenna: no good options. captain chuck nash served more than 25 years as a naval aviator
12:23 pm
and so captain we read through those stories, and it's difficult to really understand what does that mean for us, and for your national security? how would you explain that? >> well, what it means, jenna, is that there are two ways to do something, you can do it in a smart, planned way, or you can just do it poorly and react, sort of a knee-jerk thing. i spent three years in the pentagon doing budget planning and everything back in the mid to late 90s, and we had a saying then, you want it real bad, you'll get it real bad. and right now they want it real bad, and it's going to go really bad, and it's a shame -- jenna: how much does this affect our national security? >> well, what is going to happen is you're going to see a pull back in our expedition airy forces in particular which is the navy and the marine corps. for example, the u.s.s. harry s.
12:24 pm
truman, and gettysburg which is a cruiser were set to deploy for tomorrow for what was probably going to be an 8 to 10 month deployment into the persian gulf. up to this point we've had a requirement to have two carrier battle group presence in that fleet area of responsibility. well they told them yesterday, never mind all the work ups you went through, all the planning, your deployment is on hold. now you've got all these people, and their families, and this asset, these national assets leaning on a pier because we don't have the money to deploy them, and the threat is not going down. jenna: so if we're not there, if we don't have an aircraft carrier, first time in two years we won't have one in the persian gulf, then who fills that void? >> that is a great question. go back to senator now secretary of state kerry who wagged his finger at the iranians the other day and told them if they don't stop working on their nuclear
12:25 pm
program that the international community is going to be very upset with them and at the same time we are standing down carrier groups that are supposed to go to that very area. you know who is going to fill the gap? the iranians are going to fill the gap. the people who we are trying to keep in check are going to fill that gap because there is no longer that restraining factor on them. jenna: so it's not just the presence, it's also the message, as you're talking about as well, the message that we're sending around the world. you know, we mentioned the blue angels, the blue angels tonight have as much part of national security directly as say an aircraft carrier but they do in the way that they inspire a patriotic spirit, they are a recruiting tool, a lot of us have seen them. i know i've seen them flying around the skies of san francisco, it was always a big event to see them. when you think about them going away you think -- it does give you pause a little bit, captain nash, because you understand maybe something extra but at the same time it doesn't necessarily feel good.
12:26 pm
tell us how this plays to the reality we're really facing when it comes to the military and budget cuts. >> the cost of operating the blue angels pes in comparison to what we are spending on defense. we are spending over half a trillion dollars a year on defense, and the blue angels piece of that or the air force thunderbirds or the army gold ten knightsarm army golden knights, that's what gets out there and gets in the minds of young americans, like what you're talking about, your experience, and they see that and maybe that is the thing that gets them that first interest in serving the country and getting involved in the military. so when you cutback on those programs you could say well look if we can't afford to put a carrier in the persian gulf, then by goodness we can't afford to be flying around a bunch of air show airplanes. guess what, when you take apart that whole structure when you get out there and you start eating the seed corn when you don't bring in the next
12:27 pm
generations thisee when you lose success shopb on the hea suction on the haoeftd pump and everything goes wrong. the next generation is the purview of young people not old people. jenna: you give us a lot to think about captain nash. we'd love to have you back to talk about more about your experience in the pentagon as well and where you see opportunities to make cuts, maybe not with the aircraft carrier. >> there are. jenna: we probably will need a longer conversation. great to have you on the program. thank you so much. >> nice to be with you, jenna. jon: talking about young people, there was a time when -- jenna: when you were young. jon: when i was young. jenna: just kidding, jon. jon: this is a photo with me with the blue angels. i flew with the blue angels in the 80s. jenna: what was that like. >> that was saw so many. that was an a4 sky hawk a korean war vintage jet. they are flying much more advanced aircraft now. but boy, what a treat. jenna: did you lose your lunch with the blue angels? i always wonder that.
12:28 pm
jon: i did not. i blacked out. i stayed conscious but you lose all the vision because you need blood to see and all the blood drained out of my head. jenna: but it was worth it. jon: it was worth it. that's why this picture -- you know this faded picture is still hanging on my office wall. jenna: that is so cool, jon. it will be sad to think about if they are not around stphaot politicians in washington really need to grow up and just get something. jenna: maybe we should all send them on a ride with the blue angels, have them black out, a reality check, right, bring them back down and then we can have a real conversation. jon: excellent pilot pilots those blue angel president obama's drone program is getting all sorts of attention especially wheess. there hasn't been the same kind of outcry from the mainstream media. we'll get into that with our
12:29 pm
news watch panel. a cop killer on the loose, the suspect, a former police officer himself. a massive manhunt underway right now. even those who wear the damage could be in trouble here. a live report straight ahead. i was in the ambulance and i was told to call my next of kin. at 33 years old, i was having a heart attack. now i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. i didn't know this could happen so young. take control, talk to your doctor. [ bop ] [ bop ] [ bop ] you can do that all you want, i don't like v8 juice. [ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion. a full serving of vegetables, a full serving of fruit. but what you taste is the fruit. so even you... could've had a v8.
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. . . ..
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12:32 pm
jon: a fox news alert. keeping an eye on a tense manhunt underway right now in southern california for a
12:33 pm
fired cop suspected in a revenge killing spree. police say ex-officer, christopher dorner, shot three other officers last night, killing one of them. police were looking for dorner in the weekend shooting after college coach, monica quan, the daughter of a retired police captain along with her fiance. dorner was represented by quan's father, seen here in dorner's dismissal hearing. in a manifesto, the ex-cop spells out the deadly retribution he would take on quan's family and other members of law enforcement. adam housley is in riverside, california. now, any sightings of dorner since last night, adam? >> reporter: no, jon, there haven't been. that is part of the concern. couple things to add here. not only are police being targeted but anybody, common citizen that admin stares aid is basically fair game. that is alert gone out, because of this threat the state of california is statewide blue alert.
12:34 pm
it is similar to a amber alert it takes certain different types of criteria for all state agencies to be on alert. that criteria we're told is has clearly been met. the state of california is a tactical blue alert and the fbi is part of this manhunt as well. this is the second scene this inning where two officers were shot just down the street from here. in fact a block away. this is in riverside, california, at the corner of arlington and brockton. we're one block down where two officers sitting at a stoplight were ambush and shot. one was killed. one is in very serious condition at a nearby hospital. the scene was down the road 15 miles to the south of us in corona, california. that is where the first shooting took place. two officers there were shot at. they returned fire. one of them was grazed. so no serious injuries there. the suspect has been on the run now for a number of hours. again no sightings whatsoever but there are a number of different crime scenes looked at here in southern california.
12:35 pm
possible sightings. possible connections, maybe even in san diego. there have been reports there maybe dorner tried to hijack a boat. there are reports in national city, other places around southern california. as officers have to investigate these, they have to look over their shoulder to possibly, they might possibly be ambushed that is the threat out there they might possibly be ambushed. so much so is the threat that owl motorcycle officers from l.a.p.d. have been pulled off the streets and all units now are required to have two officers with them at all times. back here live, you can see once again the torrence, not torrence but riverside police department is here with their hands in some respects on their weapons and looking at every car that drives by. as part of this manifesto that dorner posted online, it ram bells on about a number of things but part of it he says, quote, unfortunately i will not be alive to see my name cleared. that's what this is about, my name. a man is nothing without his name. and is what has officers extremely worried he is word
12:36 pm
that he will kill them but anybody that will help them. this is the car, full screen, nissan titan full sized pickup either blue or gray. there is report l.a.p.d. believes he might be changing license plates as he is in southern california. all this is stuff is looked at due to these investigations they have to watch over their shoulder because this man is willing to kill and obviously very clearly to willing to go down in flames as he takes people out. jon? jon: in a related story, police shot innocent people while they were guarding one. targets named in that manifesto. >> reporter: yeah. every agency that we've spoken to is on alert from san diego all the way north and as part of that, as you mentioned early this morning there were reports that a truck or two that matched the description of dorner's truck was in torrence, california, just south and to the west of los angeles and that there was an officer-involved shooting there. two people were hit. thankfully no one is seriously injured. but it is not related at all
12:37 pm
to dorner. so it gives you an idea how tense the situation is around southern california for law enforcement and now as for the common citizens as well. if you help somebody, dorner says he will take you out too. it is very, very tense across california as a manhunt is on, jon? jon: i can't imagine how tense it is for those officers right now. all right, adam housley thank you. jenna: we'll turn to economic news now. some new job numbers from
12:38 pm
there is new company to help social media and law enforcement solve crimes. our viewers might recognize you, morgan. we're normally talking to you about, the bad guys that are threatening us on the web. but you're using the web to get those bad guys. how so? >> well, jenna, first thing is, actually the riverside california police department, chief diaz is member of our community policing committee. on behalf of the policing committee and our chair todd miller we want to extend our dolanses. i met with chief did i yaz out in san diego in october. this is very tragic. you're right. this is a very small world and the use of social media is designed to help law enforcement solve crime, return missing and protect our children by connecting the known to the unknown using social media. we want to shrink the world for the criminals and shrink the world for law enforcement to help them connect the dots quicker. jenna: how do you deal with
12:39 pm
this out in california. is this something you get involved and use social media in a way to help find this guy, this alleged killer? >> i want to be careful. we'll not do any armchair quarterbacking here. one of the ways you use it in tactical situation like this, mass media such as what we're on right now generates a certain level of awareness. social media creates and extend the reach many times the information you need to resolve the case doesn't resaid in that local jurisdiction. things that connect people are dates, time, geographic location. the more you share the case the better chance you have of solving it. somebody may have information and may know where he is going, places he has been to before and people he will contact. social media helps get that information out quicker. >> quickly who are you are a clients and who are you hiring? >> one of the cases we entered with the loudoun county sheriff department, mike chapman, liz mills we have several law enforcement agencies. we're talking with u.s. marshals. we're doing a pilot with several members of our community policing
12:40 pm
committee. they can go to join team c 2 we're starting off with volunteers. this is part of a public/private partnership. we have six or seven of us, seven of us right now. we're taking on volunteers and part of this what we want to do is build this into national tv show. think of facebook meets "america's most wanted" and meets six degrees of kevin bacon. we're starting off with volunteers. some of those will get jobs at the end of this. jenna: jon wants to moonlight on the television show for sure. >> you guys would be great. i will be happy to take you all on. jenna: morgan, very interesting. thanks so much. >> thanks, jenna. jon: there is a growing demand for answers about deadly drone strikes overseas including the president's legal authority to order targeted killings but the mainstream media seemed far more outraged over terrorists interrogation tactics during the bush administration. is that the case? plus, the secret to a long marriage. some simple advice from a couple who have been together for eight decades.
12:41 pm
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jon: covering the coverage now. as we await what's expected to be a fascinating confirmation hearing for john brennan to head the cia. members of the senate and house intelligence committees are being briefed on u.s. drone policy including details on a secret memo that reportedly authorizes the killing of americans overseas especially using drones, if they are suspected of terror ties. now the obama administration has received some criticism from the leftover the policy. some media critics say the story would have gotten a lot more coverage if there were a republican in the white house. others are saying there is little difference between the bush and obama administration's policies on the war on terror while very
12:45 pm
few in the mainstream media are pointing it out. here is how jon stewart summed it up on "the daily show" last night. >> on obviously democratic administration white house secret war memo policy different from the bush administration secret war policy memos because i assume the democrats written them on recycled paper [laughing] they're very responsible environmentally. jon: judith miller is pulitzer prize-winning investigative reporter, author and fox news contributor. bret stevens is foreign affairs columnist for "wall street journal" leave it to jon stewart sometimes to get the nugget of an issue. we went back and took a a look. john yu was white house department of justice deputy who wrote the bush administration's policies on enhanced interrogation techniques. when that broke, it got page a-1 coverage in wall street, i'm sorry in "the new york times" and the, "the
12:46 pm
washington post." it was on page 3 in "the wall street journal.". now you flash forward to this memo about drone strikes and whether they can be used to kill americans, page a-6 in "the new york times." page a-1 in the post but only a day later. and "the wall street journal" as we understand it, didn't run anything. so what gives here, judy? >> oh, look, it is obvious what happens. president obama has authorized these drones drone strikes and therefore they are good whereas president bush was authorizing the torture and therefore it's bad. we have an unbelievable double-standard here in the press and it is really highlighted by the way in which the drone strikes are being covered. jon: bret, do you see it differently? >> no, i mean i think that's right. you know, okay, look, this is a democratic president who essentially validating a republican policy. there's an old saying hypocrisy is the homage that
12:47 pm
vice pays to virtue. i'm fine with that. i'm glad that the democrats are getting a dose of their medicine. jon: why is it that it was so horrible for president bush to be subjecting really a handful of terrorists to enhanced interrogation techniques? the mead yeah ex-cory rated bush administration. >> but it is fine to launch a missile from 10,000 feet. jon: and blow up them and anybody else that is nearby. why as a concept is that okay? >> i think you've answered i think you answered your own question. at least you see here, someone needs to say, good for the president, good for the president. president barack obama, for rebuking senator barack obama when he was excoriating the bush white house. in the long term the effects of this will be good because it is part of what is called a war on terror which was authorized by congress in the days after 9/11 and it is right that this should be a presidential decision. >> most of the criticism of
12:48 pm
the president's decision, this is president obama now, we're speaking of, has really focused on his passion for secrecy, rather than on the action itself. so most people are not questioning the right to kill people rather than capture and interrogate them which might be a value to our national security. >> people should acquaint themselves with the federalist papers. secrecy and executive dispatch is the reason we have a president, not just a parliamentary system. and so that's what president obama has discovered too. jon: but we also got rid of kings or, you know, set up a government that doesn't involve kings because we didn't like having one person have the power to sort of order life-and-death decisions. >> right. but we also understand when it comes to making war, war is best conducted by a president. that's why the president is vested with extraordinary war powers. by the way, this is done with the authority of congress. this is not president obama sitting alone doing this. he is pursuing the law. >> because the congress can't see the legal document on which this is based.
12:49 pm
jon: the arguments left and right still go on. it is really a fascinating discussion but again i think the media treatment of the two presidents is very different. >> totally different. jon: judy miller, bret stephens, thank you both. jenna: we're keeping track, a close track in fact of a massive winter storm taking aim at the northeast the latest predicted snow totals and what states will get hit the hardest. we'll show you where that thing is headed. brand new details of an investigation into battery meltdowns that grounded boeing 787 drill liners around the world. lots of jobs at stake. when do these start, state of the art planes get back in the air? do we have a timeline for them? we'll tell you about that next. when you have diabetes...
12:50 pm
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jenna: right now brand new details from federal safety officials investigating battery meltdowns in boeing 787 dreamliner. serious problems that sparked a fire in a plane in a boston last month and forced an emergency landing in japan and eventually convinced regulators worldwide to ground the fleet. dan springer is live in seattle with more on all of this. dan? >> reporter: jenna, the bottom line the nstb is one month into the investigation into what sparked a fire onboard a 787 that was parked at boston's logan airport and they still don't know the cause. investigators have made some progress as they run a number of the tests on the battery that caught fire. they concluded a short circuit in a single cell of the eight-cell battery cause overheating. thermal run away is not supposed to happen. in this case it spread to the whole batry. the in tsb criticized boeing and the faa for problems in battery certification process. there is lot of talk that the faa trusted boeing
12:54 pm
engineers too much. boeing concluded thermal run away in a lithium-ion battery would happen once in less than 10 million flight hours. so far the dreamliners have flown less than 100,000 hours and it has happened twice. >> this investigation has demonstrated that a short-circuit in a single cell can propagate to adjacent cells and result in smoke and fire. the assumptions used to certify the battery must be reconsidered. >> reporter: meantime at plain field and everett, washington boeing is awaiting the arrival of the first 787 allowed to fly since the grounding. it is just a crew. it was ferry flight. the plane was in fort worth, texas when the fleet was grounded. it was there for a paint job. it is expected to land back here at 10:30 local time. while not officially a test flight boeing will take the
12:55 pm
opportunity to monitor the whole electrical system. it offered the faa some fixes that will allow the whole fleet back in the air again. among the things boeing is looking at reducing vibration on the batteries and better ventilation system in the battery compartment the grounding is getting very expensive. japan airlines which has 17 of these dreamliners, says so far it cost them $7.5 million. and being they want boeing to pay and other airlines that have planes are also losing money and they will go to boeing for reimbursement, jenna. jenna: dan springer live in seattle. thank you. jon: jenna is fairly newly married. how about words of wisdom from a couple who been through it all. john and ann have been married more than 80 years. they're being recognized as the longest married couple in america. jenna: i love her dress. it looks great. jon: what is the secret to decades of bliss? take a listen. >> we take things as it comes and we're contented and we have lovely family
12:56 pm
support us. beautiful. >> we've had our good times and our bad times. but we've always been together. >> just be content with what you have. >> devote your time to understanding one another. that, really that's the whole thing. jon: that could take 80 years. john is 10 is years old. his bride is 97. they have five kids, 14 grandchildren, and 16 great grandchildren. jenna: they look great, right? i want to know what they eat, drink, all that stuff. love is part of it. keeps you healthy at 101. wow, what a couple. >> 80 years. good for them. jenna: we'll be right back twins. i didn't see them coming.
12:57 pm
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>> all right. so there they are. told you about them yesterday. very rare baseball card of the brooklyn atlantics found at a yard sale. it went up for auction the 1865 team sold for


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